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Let’s Cool Off: Zellige Tile for Swimming Pools

05 / 13 / 2020

2x6 'Pure White' glazed terracotta zellige, 3/4 inch thick, 7.23 square feet per box (90 tiles)
Our Pure White Moroccan Zellige is a bright, crisp neutral, and the perfect pool waterline tile.




If we’ve discovered anything during this pandemic, it’s that outdoor space is extremely coveted and nearly crucial to maintaining our sanity. Now that summer is approaching, and the months just keep getting hotter, most of us would give anything to lay by the pool in the comfort of our own backyard. The concept of a pool has changed from a luxury addition to a total game-changer when it comes to quality of life.




Make a Splash



We know that lots of you are having the same thought that we are: What if I installed a pristine place to cool off right outside my own home? For those of you who are lucky enough to already have a sparkling private pool, you might be thinking that this would be a great time to upgrade your personal spa. We may have the perfect solution for how to jazz up your existing (or future!) water feature. Since we can’t exactly “get away,” it’s more enticing than ever to create your owngetaway.” Moroccan zellige tiles might just be the secret to your newfound serenity.



2x6 'Unglazed Natural' terra-cotta zellige, 3/4 inch thick, 7.23 square feet per box (90 tiles)
Our raw Unglazed Natural zellige elevates the outdoors – and the matte finish is perfect for a pool deck.



Tile for All Time



When you’re building or remodeling a water feature, the durability of the materials is definitively the most important factor. Not only do you need something that is suitable for an outdoor environment, but you also need something that can withstand being exposed to constant moisture. We could tell you how great Zellige in Swimming Pool is as a waterline tile, but centuries of evidence speaks louder than words. The benefit of installing Moroccan zellige tile is that you can physically see proof of its resilience throughout history. In North Africa and the Mediterranean, zellige tiles have been used to adorn fountains and water features for hundreds of years. These same installations remain intact and remarkably vibrant today.




4x4 'Racing Green' glazed terra-cotta zellige, 3/8 inch thick, 10.76 square feet per box (100 tiles)
Racing Green 4×4 Zellige – Pool Waterline Tile




Pool Party Tricks



Pools were meant for parties. And parties were meant for guests. And when we’re finally safe from this pandemic, we’ll be having a lot of get-togethers. Because the pool is such a magnet for entertainment, you’ll want yours to look the part. Essentially, the pool is the kitchen of the backyard. What do we mean by that? Well, no matter where you intended your party to take place, people will always end up gathering by the pool. Since the crowding is unavoidable, let’s give your guests something to talk about! Zellige tiles are handcrafted by skilled artisans and no two tiles are exactly alike. This creates an unparalleled variation of tone and texture for your waterline that will surely leave an impact on any onlooker.




Shapes, Shades, and Sizes



Sure, you could take a traditional 4×4 tile in turquoise blue and create a classically stunning pool area. Or, you could go for something a little different. Accessorize with a strip of bright cadmium yellow, or a hint of perfect plum. Swap squares for subway tiles if that’s more your style, and use the 2×6 rectangles in a rich jade shade. Looking for something with a little more edge – literally? Our 3.5-inch hex-shaped zellige tiles come in everything from ruby rouge to teal-toned tidepool. There are no rules when it comes to the perfect waterline for your pool, so let your feel free to let your imagination win.



Tidepool Zellige 4″ x 4″ Square, Zia Tile




Zia Tile



One of our favorite parts about working at Zia Tile is chatting with customers about their creative projects. If you’re yearning to design a truly unique space, we’re always happy to help. We love getting inspired by our own clients, and bringing your designer dreams to fruition If you want to add some pizzazz to your pool, we can help you choose the perfect tile. Our catalog has tons of one-of-a-kind options, but if you can’t find exactly what you’re searching for, we also offer custom designs! We’re here to ensure you have the most seamless and rewarding renovation possible. For more information on installation and zellige tile options, send us an email or give us a call: 310-730-0241

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