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Shipping, Delivery, and Delays

08 / 05 / 2022

Talk about a worldwide whirlwind! The last few years have been full of change for everyone, and the tile industry is no exception. We continue to strive to offer you the fastest, most efficient service possible. And while we are producing tile at the same rate we were pre-pandemic, unfortunately, global shipping delays are impacting everyone…including us. We want to provide some clarity around a few delays or fees you might experience with your Zia Tile order.


Dreaded Delays



It seems nothing is happening as quickly as we’d like these days. While we’re working with our carriers to get your tiles to your doorsteps ASAP, some delays can’t be avoided. Local delays are increasingly rare, though delays across the globe are still relatively common. Because many of our tiles are handmade by local artisans around the world, international packing and shipping can be unpredictable. Imagine the shipping process as the equivalent of flying from a remote location to a big city – typically there are no direct flights. Every connection adds a risk of complications. A large portion of our shipments travel through multiple ports before they get to us, and each time your order is transferred between ports, there’s risk of a delay. The current labor shortages at many ports directly impact the timing of the loading and unloading of our orders.



Prep for Your Delivery



After your tiles are transported via LTL Freight to a terminal near you, you’ll get a call from the carrier. (Psst…please double-check the phone number provided with the order and watch your voicemail for any missed calls!) You’ll be able to schedule a drop-off time that works for both the carrier and you, usually 1-3 days after this call. Remember, you must be home during the entire delivery window to sign off on your order. If you’re not home when the carrier arrives, you’ll be charged a rescheduling fee.

Your Tiles Are Here, Now What?



We ship our product on pallets with LTL Freight to preserve your delicate tiles. Please be aware that LTL shippers drop off all deliveries curbside – not inside your home or garage. Make sure to inspect your tiles for damage before signing off on your delivery receipt with the driver. If there is any significant damage from transit, note it on the bill of lading and call us right away. Don’t forget to send us photos of the damage, please, so we can send you replacements ASAP and file a claim with the carrier. If you can’t lift the tiles yourself, arrange for help or ask your contractor or installer to remove the wrapping and carefully move the boxes inside.


No-Fun Fees



At Zia, we try to be upfront about all the fees you should expect with an order. We know additional fees are a hassle and we can’t wait until the needs for these charges subside. The good news is these charges can be avoided if you follow a few steps. Keep in mind, the terminals are charging storage fees to hold your order if you cannot be contacted and your delivery has to be rescheduled. Change of address/re-consignment fees have also been popping up, so make sure you note the correct address when you first place your order. Rerouting can be an expensive process even with a local address change.

Please always reach out if you have any questions about your order, shipping, delivery, or fees.

When Will Things Go Back to Normal?



By now, you’re probably sick of hearing the phrase “the new normal.” So are we! Unfortunately, we don’t know when these challenges will subside. The good news is your tiles will still be as beautiful as ever! You can always expect high-quality products and if you ever have any questions, our customer service team is always here to help – contact us at info@ziatile.com.

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