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03 / 28 / 2019

Victory pink encaustic cement tile in a Nashville hotel bathroom



Voted “The Best New Hotels to Book Around the World in 2019” by Travel + Leisure, the Van Dyke Hotel opened in East Nashville last week. 


This bed and beverage—yes, beverage—is stationed in a cultural hub. Located in a bustling shopping and dining area, this hotel is the buzz of the city. Take a morning stroll in nearby Shelby Park, spend the day shopping and dining in the Fatherland district and finally, come crash at the Van Dyke. Sip one of their beers on tap or an artisanal cocktail in their curated bedrooms or on their spacious patio.




Our encaustic cement tile is featured in three of their eight cozy bedrooms. The Beer room features our Super Nova tile. This bold tile contrasts beautifully with the otherwise minimalistic space. The Super Nova is the star of the show in the Beer room! Shop the daring Super Nova here.



Delta encaustic cement tile on this Nashville bathroom wall
Delta midnight and white encaustic cement tile installed on this Nashville hotel bathroom wall


Fittingly coined the Champagne room—this innovative space features our Victory tile in Delta Moon. We love their use of pattern (and those golden sconces push this space out of the box!) Shop our Victory tile in Delta Moon and seven other colorways here.


We’re such fans of the way they arranged our Delta tile in the Rum room. The designers at Van Dyke know that you don’t have to follow symmetrical patterns—don’t play by the rules. The way they’ve placed the tile is alluring and unique. We would LOVE to wake up to that every morning (and take some selfies in the mirror!….shh).

If you’re planning a trip to the Music City, be sure to stay at this charming bed and beverage for a one of a kind travel experience. If you aren’t headed to Nashville any time soon, take a page out of their design handbook. Shop our encaustic cement tile in over 100 colorways. Whether you’re a fan of the fearless or the understated, we have a tile (or a dozen!) for your space.

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