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10 / 24 / 2018



In the era of AirBnbs and bed & breakfasts, the traveling experience has become more authentic to the town. Stay Here on Netflix features homes around the country that are itching to be rented out. 






Designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate pundit Peter Lorimer meet the owners and help make their space a money maker.









Palm Springs is known for mid-century modern abodes that scream “quintessential LA.” The owners of this 1969 pad, Jess and Ryan, started with a blank canvas that stands against a postcard worthy backdrop of palm trees, hills and desert. After renovating much of the home themselves, they sought out Genevieve and Peter to make over the kitchen and pool. Jen mentioned that the goal with this property is to make it “feel alive—just how it might have felt back in 1969.”










Genevieve tackled the kitchen with a game plan: add an island for meal prep, a dining area, modern appliances and era-specific touches. Not for the faint of heart, our Ocotillo tile in the cadmium yellow colorway pops even more with the gold details sprinkled throughout the kitchen. Though this house is no longer on AirBnb, let us help you bring that 70s flavor to your home with our retro Ocotillo tile. Our encaustic cement tiles come in over 100 colors and patterns to bring any interior dream to life.





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