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Zia Tile in House Beautiful: Jean Stoffer’s Michigan Masterpiece

06 / 25 / 2020


The words “gut renovation” and “5,500 square feet” paired together would make any designer take a deep breath. Jean Stoffer, however, tackled this full remodel of a dated McMansion without hesitation. Known for her elegant and approachable designs, Stoffer pulls inspiration from English interiors and flawlessly blends class and country details. With Stoffer’s magic touch, this Michigan home was brilliantly transformed into an airy, sophisticated dream. We at Zia Tile couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this homey, classic abode with sparkling modern comforts.



Jean Stoffer via House Beautiful


A Joyful Juxtaposition



To be featured in House Beautiful is every designer’s dream. This Hearst-brand magazine showcases only the highest quality remodels and the most transformative renovations. Flipping a family home is a difficult balance between maintaining cozy livability, and creating a chic space for the adults to enjoy. The detailed profile on this French Country family home is evidence that Stoffer’s work is groundbreaking, literally! From knocking down countless walls to practically opening up the entire interior, this house feels equally social and spacious.



Jean Stoffer via House Beautiful


The Angel’s in the Details



This home was born to entertain, it just didn’t know it yet! Stoffer saw the potential for this historic house to be revived as a bright, open concept floorplan with plenty of room for kids and company. Gold hardware warms up the otherwise cool and collected interior, with earthy details that enhance the relaxing atmosphere. The traditional shapes and silhouettes are offset by the mixed woods and light fixtures. If you’ve ever needed a reference for how to maintain vintage charm while adding touches of contemporary magnetism, look no further. It’s all in the details with Stoffer’s brilliant execution of this sprawling suburban haven.



Jean Stoffer via House Beautiful


From Morocco to Michigan



There is a recurring theme throughout the home of using softly muted colors to contrast the bright white. In this space, the bathroom is the crowning jewel, if we do say so ourselves. Our graphite grey Moroccan zellige tiles were the ideal choice to serve as the backdrop for the bathroom’s white vintage details. From a restored antique sink to a Mid-century set of drawers, our tiles add just enough pizazz without distracting from the carefully sourced pièces de résistance. The superb shine of the glazed zellige adds a touch of luxury to the largely mellow interior. There’s plenty of spa-like splendor without the space feeling commercial.



Zia Tile 4×4 Zellige Tile via Jean Stoffer for House Beautiful


Wonder from Wall-to-Wall



From mixing metals to mixing marble and Moroccan zellige, Stoffer breaks all the rules and comes out on top. The stunning tonal variation in our 4×4 zellige tiles is displayed at its best with tile stretching from floor to ceiling. Covering an entire wall in handcrafted tile is a bold move, and it certainly pays off. Forget limiting tile to backsplashes and shower floors. Truly groundbreaking interior design is about taking risks. If you choose to select a one-of-a-kind, handmade material, you might as well show it off! Go big AND go home.



“Graphite Grey” Zellige Tile by Zia Tile


From California to Michigan…and Beyond!



To say Zia Tile is a global business would be an understatement. With materials sourced from Morocco and Vietnam, our Los Angeles base is only one small piece of our ever-growing family. Whether you’re renovating in Michigan or Marrakesh, we love working with designers from all over the world. We’re fascinated with observing how homeowners and specialists incorporate our pieces into drastically different interiors. From trendy to traditional, there is no “right” aesthetic when it comes to installing cement and zellige tile. (But we have to admit…Stoffer implemented them pretty perfectly!) Inspired to create a unique space of your own? Contact our customer service team today and we’ll work with you until your vision is complete!

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